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Symptoms of dog cancer 650 366 DogHealth

Symptoms of dog cancer

Symptoms of dog cancer - 10 early signs Unfortunately, the number of canine cancers is increasing. Dog tumour symptoms are very similar to human tumour symptoms, except that they can't tell you what they're feeling, where they're...

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Mastocitoma hízósejtes daganat kutyáknál
Mastocytoma (mast cell tumour) in dogs 650 366 DogHealth

Mastocytoma (mast cell tumour) in dogs

Unfortunately, the exact causes of mastocytoma (mast cell tumor) in dogs are still unknown today, but it is one of the most common types of skin cancer in dogs. Mast cells, or mastocytes, are special white blood cells that, among other things, play a role in the proper immune response. It is present in most tissues of the body...

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The dog cancer and the medicinal mushroom
The dog cancer and the medicinal mushroom 650 366 DogHealth

The dog cancer and the medicinal mushroom

K9 INU®, K9 InuExtra®, K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are natural medicinal mushroom-containing immune-boosting products for dogs to help fight a serious disease such as dog tumours. K9 Immunity™ was developed based on the results of human cancer research and...

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